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Sabrina Philipp is a renowned business coach and online entrepreneur, specializing in helping individuals create and launch profitable online courses. With a strong demand for her expertise, Sabrina decided to expand her offerings and develop a comprehensive online course to guide aspiring course creators on their journey. To ensure the success of her course, she partnered with Course Supply, a leading course creation service.


Sabrina faced several challenges in creating and launching her online course. She needed a comprehensive course creation solution that would help her transform her knowledge and expertise into a structured and engaging course curriculum. Additionally, Sabrina sought technical support to navigate the complexities of online course platforms and ensure a seamless learning experience for her students.


Sabrina collaborated with Course Supply, leveraging their expertise in course creation, instructional design, and multimedia production. Together, they developed a tailored solution to meet Sabrina's specific needs.

  1. Curriculum Development: Course Supply worked closely with Sabrina to develop a comprehensive curriculum that covered all aspects of course creation. They helped her organize her knowledge and expertise into a step-by-step framework, ensuring that participants would have a clear roadmap to follow when creating their own profitable online courses.
  2. Lesson Planning and Content Creation: The course creation team at Course Supply assisted Sabrina in planning each lesson effectively. They helped her break down complex concepts into bite-sized modules, ensuring that the content was easily digestible for participants. Together, they created engaging video lessons, interactive exercises, and downloadable resources to enhance the learning experience.
  3. Multimedia Production: Course Supply utilized their expertise in multimedia production to create visually appealing and high-quality course materials. They worked with Sabrina to film and edit professional videos, design visually engaging slides, and incorporate relevant graphics and animations that aligned with Sabrina's brand and message.
  4. Platform Integration and User Experience: Course Supply seamlessly integrated the course materials into a user-friendly learning management system (LMS), providing participants with easy access to the content, progress tracking, and interactive elements. They customized the LMS to reflect Sabrina's branding, ensuring a consistent and immersive learning experience.
  5. Quality Assurance and Testing: Course Supply conducted thorough quality assurance checks to ensure the course materials were error-free and all interactive elements functioned smoothly. They also conducted user testing to gather feedback and make necessary refinements, ensuring a seamless learning experience for participants.

Sales: $500,000+

Sabrina's collaboration with Course Supply yielded exceptional results, elevating her online course creation services and empowering aspiring course creators:

  1. Enhanced Course Quality: The collaboration with Course Supply resulted in a high-quality online course that exceeded Sabrina's expectations. The structured curriculum, engaging video lessons, and interactive elements provided participants with valuable insights and actionable steps to create and launch their own profitable online courses.
  2. Positive Participant Feedback: Participants of Sabrina's online course praised the comprehensive content, clear instructions, and practical guidance provided. Testimonials highlighted the course's effectiveness in helping them overcome obstacles and achieve success in their course creation journeys.
  3. Brand Expansion and Thought Leadership: The online course positioned Sabrina as a thought leader in the field of course creation. The success of the course further solidified her reputation, attracting new clients to her coaching and consulting services and establishing her as a go-to resource in the industry.
  4. Revenue Generation and Scalability: The online course became a significant revenue stream for Sabrina, generating passive income and allowing her to reach a broader audience beyond one-on-one coaching. The scalability of the course enabled her to impact more aspiring course creators and leverage her expertise effectively.

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"We generated over $500,000 in sales from our event from our pre-launch to live offers, yay!"

Sabrina Philipp
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