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Dr. Will Bulsiewicz is a renowned gastroenterologist and best-selling author known for his expertise in gut health and plant-based nutrition. Driven by a passion to educate and empower individuals to optimize their gut health, Dr. Bulsiewicz sought to create an online course. To bring his vision to life, he partnered with Course Supply, a leading provider of comprehensive course creation services.

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Dr. Bulsiewicz faced several challenges in his journey to create and launch an impactful online course. He needed assistance in structuring his course content effectively, developing engaging multimedia materials, and implementing an intuitive learning platform. Additionally, he desired expert guidance on marketing strategies to reach his target audience and maximize course enrollment. Course Supply stepped in to address these challenges and support Dr. Bulsiewicz in achieving his course creation goals.


Dr. Bulsiewicz collaborated closely with Course Supply to leverage their expertise in course creation, multimedia production, instructional design, and marketing. Together, they devised an optimized solution to overcome the challenges he faced.

  1. Course Content Development: Course Supply worked closely with Dr. Bulsiewicz to develop a comprehensive and engaging curriculum for his gut health and plant-based nutrition course. They provided expert guidance on organizing modules, defining learning objectives, and incorporating evidence-based information and practical tips for optimal gut health.
  2. Multimedia Production: Course Supply's multimedia production team supported Dr. Bulsiewicz in creating high-quality video lessons, presentations, and other multimedia materials. They ensured that the content was visually appealing, professionally edited, and aligned with Dr. Bulsiewicz's expertise and teaching style, maximizing student engagement and learning outcomes.
  3. Instructional Design Consultation: Course Supply's instructional design experts provided valuable consultation to Dr. Bulsiewicz throughout the course creation process. They offered insights into instructional strategies, assessments, and interactive elements that optimized student engagement, knowledge retention, and practical application of gut health and plant-based nutrition principles.
  4. Learning Platform Integration: Course Supply seamlessly integrated Dr. Bulsiewicz's course with a user-friendly and intuitive online learning platform. They ensured that students could easily navigate through the course, access resources, participate in discussions, and track their progress, providing a seamless and immersive learning experience.
  5. Marketing Strategy Development: Course Supply assisted Dr. Bulsiewicz in developing effective marketing strategies to promote his online course. They conducted market research, identified target audiences, and crafted persuasive sales copy and optimized landing pages. Additionally, they provided guidance on leveraging social media, influencers, and strategic partnerships to maximize course visibility and enrollment.

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We successfully help Will and his team generate over $290,000 in revenue from the lifetime of the launch over 6 months.

Dr. Bulsiewicz's collaboration with Course Supply yielded exceptional results, enabling him to create and launch a successful online course:

  1. Comprehensive and Engaging Course Content: With Course Supply's support, Dr. Bulsiewicz developed a course that covered various aspects of gut health and plant-based nutrition. The comprehensive curriculum, combined with engaging multimedia materials, empowered students to make informed choices and improve their gut health through evidence-based strategies.
  2. Professional Multimedia Production: Course Supply's multimedia production assistance ensured that Dr. Bulsiewicz's video lessons, presentations, and other materials were of the highest quality. The visually appealing and well-produced content showcased Dr. Bulsiewicz's expertise, enhanced student engagement, and elevated the overall learning experience.
  3. Effective Instructional Design: The instructional design guidance provided by Course Supply facilitated effective learning and knowledge retention. Dr. Bulsiewicz's course incorporated interactive elements, case studies, and practical exercises that optimized student engagement, critical thinking, and application of gut health and plant-based nutrition principles.
  4. Seamless Learning Experience: The integration of Dr. Bulsiewicz's course with a user-friendly learning platform offered by Course Supply provided students with a seamless and intuitive learning experience. Features such as progress tracking, discussion boards, and resource access enhanced student engagement, collaboration, and overall satisfaction.
  5. Increased Course Visibility and Enrollment: Course Supply's marketing strategies helped Dr. Bulsiewicz increase the visibility of his course and attract a larger audience. The persuasive sales copy, optimized landing pages, and targeted marketing efforts contributed to a higher enrollment rate, expanding Dr. Bulsiewicz's reach and impact.
  6. Positive Student Feedback and Testimonials: Dr. Bulsiewicz's collaboration with Course Supply resulted in positive feedback and testimonials from students who benefited from his course. The practical knowledge, engaging materials, and interactive learning experience generated high student satisfaction and successful outcomes.

Through Course Supply's course creation services, Dr. Will Bulsiewicz successfully created and launched an optimized online course on gut health and plant-based nutrition.

The collaboration empowered him to share his expertise with a global audience, providing students with valuable insights and strategies to improve their gut health.

The comprehensive curriculum, engaging multimedia materials, seamless learning platform, and effective marketing strategies contributed to the success of Dr. Bulsiewicz's course and his mission to educate and empower individuals in optimizing their gut health.

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$314,150 Sales — We consulted with NYT Best-Selling Author, Dr. Will B. and his team to launch his new digital program to further position his health brand and message as the industry leader.

Dr. Will Bulsiewicz
The Plant Fed Gut
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